Snapshot - Live Noise Modelling Demonstration

Snapshot is a real-time noise modelling (and compliance) engine developed by SEG specifically for the modelling of real time noise sources. Providing the location of a noise emitter is known, from GPS tracking, and a noise profile has been previously established, Snapshot models the environmental noise levels in real time. Snapshot – tracking and compliance in real time. Snapshot is an online fully integrated real time noise monitoring and real time noise modelling solution.

Disclaimer....These noise level contours should not be relied upon for any decision regarding noise impacts from aircraft. The contours are provided as an example of Snapshot's live noise modelling capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is SEG’s real time noise impact (and license compliance) modelling engine. It was developed to model noise in real time for any noise source mining and industrial sites. This live demonstration of aircraft noise is designed to highlight the applications that are available for this process.

How is the plane location data collected?

SEG installed an ADS-B receiver in our office. The ADS-B receiver decodes periodic radio transmissions from aircraft. These transmissions occur every few seconds, include aircraft identification, position, altitude and velocity.

No planes/contours are visible, is it working?

This system is dependent on the reception of valid and verified ADS-B data. At some times of the day no planes are flying in the area. At other times the planes are not transmitting all the data required for noise modelling. The best bet is to try during daylight hours, particularly during the early morning and evening. Sometimes the system may be down due to technical issues but hopefully only for a short in time. By all means send us an email if you see it's offline.

How large an area does this cover? / Why is it not in my area?

At this stage we cover a greater southern Brisbane region. This is region that we reliably receive the location data from the planes.

Is this in real time, is there a delay?

In general the delay should not be more than a minute and the chart is refreshed every 30 seconds. The delay can be broken down into:

  • 20s for capture of ADS-B plane data
  • 10s for modelling
  • Up to 30 seconds depending on when the chart was refreshed

How is the plane source noise level determined?

The noise levels of various types of commercial aircraft are regularly published by the aircrafts manufacturer Federal Aviation Admission. We have collated this data and assigned 3 noise profiles in 1/3rd octave bands for each aircraft type dependent on if it is climbing, cruising or descending.

How are the noise levels determined?

The location of all aircraft close to the study area over the last 20 seconds is obtained in terms of longitude, latitude and elevation. All these plane locations are collected then the maximum noise level is calculated over a 500m square mesh using PEN3DCloud, our environmental noise model. The model carries out an enormous number of noise calculations to provide live contours, over 50 million daily. The noise model includes terrain and includes screening by intervening hills for low-flying planes. PEN3DCloud can calculate noise levels using any reference noise prediction model.

What about meteorology?

As this is a demonstration we have updated the prevailing weather conditions every 15 minutes from data provided by for Brisbane.

Are there any other applications?

There are numerous applications for live noise modelling for industry, mining and transport. Contact either Chris or Mark to discuss your application.